Ensilaging in silage bunkers   Silage bunker Covering system   Silage bunker Roll-up system

Silage bunkers from Kornet Beton are a valuable asset for any dairy farm. The special silage bunker construction guarantees extremely solid and stable bunker walls and keeps your roughage in perfect condition!


The Kornet Cover Solutions silage bunker covering system consists of a specially designed cover and a covering machine. The system ensures that the cover is drawn tightly over your roughage. The KCS covering machine can now travel over the walls of the silage bunker on using HYDRAULIC POWER!


The KCS silage bunker roll-up system is a mobile device used to quickly and simply place the cover over your silage bunkers.

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Do you recognise 1 or more of the following ensilaging problems?

roodkruis (Over)heating in your roughage / silage bunkers?
roodkruis Fungal growth in your grass or corn bunker?
roodkruis Excessively low or high levels of dry matter in your roughage?
roodkruis Excessively low or deteriorating levels of sugar content in your roughage?
roodkruis Large temperature discrepancies between your 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer grass silage bunker?
roodkruis Large quality variations in your roughage due to the separate ensilaging of different cuts of grass?
roodkruis Poor balance between lactic acid and ascorbic acid in your bunker?
roodkruis Fungal growth along the sides of your silage bunker / grass bunker?
roodkruis Round areas of fungal growth in your grass bunker (fungal spots)?
roodkruis Losses due to birds nibbling?
roodkruis Oxygen/air beneath your cover (leading to the rotting of the top layer of the grass bunker)?

As well as offering a far more efficient work approach, the silage bunker system from Kornet Beton in many cases solves all of the above problems. Do you want to know how we make that possible? Call us for an appointment with our roughage specialist. He will explain to you in person how we can solve these problems for you and ensure stable and high-quality storage of your roughage.


Do you want to increase your milk production?

We guarantee that thanks to our innovative storage systems and our knowledge, your roughage will be far better stored than in other or comparable storage systems. Thanks to this better storage, the nutritional value will be massively improved and so lead to a rise in the milk production per cow!

Are you keen to find out how our storage system can improve the quality of your roughage, and what sort of rise in milk production could be achieved? Enter your details below and our roughage specialist will contact you, completely without obligation.





(Over)heating / fungal growth in the bunker?

Do you suffer from (over)heating and/or fungal growth problems in your bunker? Don’t wait. Get in touch with us and we will visit you as quickly as possible to measure how far/how deep the (over)heating and fungal growth process has penetrated your roughage/silo bunker! Together we can then search for the perfect solution!

Kornet Roughage Expert Assessment: +31 6 514 14 299