The advantages of the bunker covering system

The Kornet Cover Solutions bunker covering system offers numerous advantages in terms of efficiency and quality improvement at your farm.

Less hard physical labour; no further need for dragging sandbags and tyres
Reduced labour costs; covering is a one-man job and completed more quickly
Improved quality of your roughage due to practically airtight and watertight seal
The system fits different types and widths of silage bunker
Can be used on multiple bunkers, fitted side by side
Covering system eligible for the MIA & VAMIL environmental investment subsidy scheme
No (black) ensilaging plastic or (bird) protective tarpaulin required
No nuisance from pests, due to tight fit
Hydraulic system; no electrical power supply required
Almost no rainwater in the bunker so almost no seepage of silage pressings
Optimum preservation process thanks to grey colour and weight of the cover
Less strict requirements on silo bunker height thanks to stretchable cover