Covering roughage with the silage bunker covering system

Cover your roughage quickly and easily! Once ensilaging has been completed and the silage has been fully compacted, covering the bunker is no longer a time-consuming job. Without assistance from other farm workers, all you need is a tractor with front loader, shovel or reach arm. Simply connect the covering machine and power it using the tractor’s hydraulic system. Starting at the rear, roll the cover over the bunker.

As soon as the cover is unrolled, connect the water pouches to the KCS filling system and the overflow system and then fill the pouches of the cover. This task is simply completed using the supplied Kornet Cover Solutions filling system. With a 40 metre-long, 10 metre-wide bunker, all pouches are filled in around 40 minutes. You do not have to stand around waiting for the pouches to be filled. Simply check occasionally that everything is working smoothly. Once the pouches are filled, disconnect the system.

Covering roughage Covering roughage Covering roughage Covering roughage