Feeding with the silage bunker covering system

Extracting silage from the bunker is carried out quickly and easily by a single person. You no longer need to first remove tyres and sandbags to expose the silage. Simply place the covering machine on the selected silage bunker, at the start of feeding. Every time you wish to extract feed, connect up the covering machine to your tractor with front loader, shovel or reach arm. Roll back the cover by the required number of metres, according to the amount of roughage you wish to expose. Then disconnect the machine. The whole process takes just a few minutes. The covering machine remains on the silage bunker, as long as you continue to extract feed from the bunker.

The easy-to-operate covering system truly comes into its own in difficult weather conditions like snow and high winds. Even with a coating of snow, the covering system can easily be rolled up, as was demonstrated in the winter of 2009/2010. Our system guarantees access to your feed, at all times.

Because the machine with the roller and the cover remain above the level of the roughage, you are effectively working behind a ‘screen’. As a result, your exposed roughage remains far dryer, which has clear advantages when feeding by weight.

An overflow system ensures that the pouches are always filled correctly and evenly so they always contain the correct amount of (salt) water.

Feeding with the silage bunker covering system Feeding with the silage bunker covering system

Feeding with the silage bunker covering systemFeeding with the silage bunker covering system