KCSM – Mobile silage bunker roll-up system

The Kornet silage bunker covering system type KCSM is designed to enable the rapid and simple placing of the KCS silage cover over silage bunkers.

The machine consists of a steerable trailer with dolly and a hydraulically powered roller with brake function, for the simple rolling up and unrolling of the silage bunker cover. The machine is operated via the hydraulic system of your tractor or front loader.

A hydraulic hose connection ensures a simple connection to the hydraulic system on your tractor.

The entire machine comes with a weatherproof coating and all components are zinc-galvanised.

The Kornet silage bunker covering system type KCSM complies with the European Machine Director and comes with a 2B certificate.

The Kornet Mobile Covering system is available for silage bunkers up to a maximum length of 150 metres and width of 20 metres.