About Kornet Beton Balk BV

We firmly believe that our innovative roughage storage system ensures that your roughage is better stored than using traditional methods. In addition, all our solutions aim to deliver more efficient working practice!

Kornet Beton Balk BV are specialists in the storage and covering of roughage, for livestock farmers. We produce the special silage bunker elements for our own silage bunker system in-house. We can also supply an automatic covering system for your existing or new silage bunkers.

Kornet Beton Balk BV was established almost fifteen years ago. In this period, we have become leading specialists in innovative ensilaging systems for grass and maize. Kornet Beton Balk BV operates on the agricultural market in the Netherlands and abroad. Our offices and concrete plant are located in Balk (Friesland). For details of our business and our innovative roughage storage systems, view our corporate video.

Mission and vision

Our expertise lies in the storage and covering of grass and/or maize-based roughage for livestock farmers. The storage requirements of livestock farmers are perfectly apparent. The roughage must be of stable quality and deliver optimum nutritional value, with minimal losses.

Livestock farmers also want to limit as far as possible the amount of work involved in ensilaging, covering the silage bunker and feeding their animals.

Our challenge lies in constantly improving the methods of storing roughage, and reducing the workload for ensilaging and then delivering feed.

The silage bunkers and covering systems from Kornet Beton Balk BV have been developed to ensure optimum conservation of the roughage, and maximum user friendliness for the farmer.

The starting point in all our work is the end user, in our case livestock farmers. What do livestock farmers want? What do they need? What is the most practical solution for the livestock farmer?

We take this as our starting point for the further development of all our products, constantly adapting working practice to improve efficiency and meet the farmer’s needs.