Silage bunker covering system

As well as supplying the concrete elements for your silage bunker, Kornet Beton Balk BV also supplies other products for the agricultural market. Based on the experience and expertise built up at Kornet Beton Balk BV, a new silage bunker covering system has been developed. This covering system guarantees a rapid, efficient and practically air and watertight seal on your roughage bunker.

The silage bunker covering system consists of a specially designed silage bunker cover, and a silage bunker covering machine. Special tubular pouches are fitted over the entire length of the silage bunker cover, which can be filled with (salt) water. The weight of the water-filled pouches stretches the cover tightly over your roughage store. The cover can quickly and simply be rolled out over the silage bunker by the machine, operated by the hydraulic system of your loading arm or tractor with front loader. No further action is required!

A model of the KCS covering machine is now available that travels over the walls of the silage bunker using HYDRAULIC POWER!

The design of the silage bunker cover was developed to improve the quality of the roughage, to save on labour and to be a farmer-friendly system. The expected useful life of the cover itself is 10 to 15 years.

The way in which the roughage is covered is a key contributing factor to the eventual quality of the product. The silage bunker covering system ensures that the cover stretched over the roughage practically creates a vacuum. Due to the almost total absence of air and (rain)water between the cover and the roughage, product losses are kept to an absolute minimum.

Studies have shown that the airtight seal and improved temperature stability ensure better conservation of your roughage, under perfect conditions. The percentages of dry matter are increased in comparison with traditional covering systems; losses are reduced and as a result, the silage is tastier.

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