Silage bunkers from Kornet Beton Balk BV

For more than 15 years, the silage bunker system from Kornet Beton with its unique design has proved an asset to any dairy farm! The well-established special construction guarantees extremely solid and stable bunker walls, that can withstand higher forces than the majority of other silage bunkers (in particular when compared to L and T elements). The forces and pressures that build up in silage bunkers are better distributed, and the walls are resistant to the risk of collapse. Our walls can in fact support an axle load of up to 20 tonnes, with a dry matter percentage of 25%!

This strength is achieved thanks to heavy-duty double reinforcement in Ø8-Ø10 Komokeur FeB 500 HKN steel, and the quality of the concrete we use. We use the recommended maximum strength of C55/67. A higher strength is not recommended since at higher strength ratios (such as C60/75) the concrete is no longer sufficiently elastic, which can lead to frost damage! Cracking in freezing conditions can occur if the earth bank and the water captured on the cover cover freeze, and subsequently expands considerably.

We offer a 20-year guarantee on our silage bunker walls! (not applicable to mechanical damage).


The Silage bunkers

Our concrete elements for the silage bunkers offer optimum acid proofness, and as a result are perfectly suited for use in a highly aggressive chemical environment (up to environmental class XA3). Our special production system means that penetration by acid or water is fully prevented. Our silo elements are guaranteed non-permeable!


The Silage bunker walls

The stable, heavy-duty steel frames, and the earth banks which are filled up to the top of the silage bunker walls ensure a safe working environment. With a wheel pressure over a width of 50 cm, you can ensure optimum cm² pressure on your drive-in bunker, allowing optimum and fully compact ensilaging, irrespective of the structure of your grass or maize, up to a dry matter percentage of 25%!!!

Because the walls of the silage bunkers are sealed with a special high-quality cement (that remains elastic and acid-resistant even in severe frost conditions) and thanks to the earth bank that is built up against a single wall or between the double walls, the silage bunker is guaranteed airtight! In this special wall system, your silage remains perfectly cool during hot summers, thereby preserving your fragile product.

Your plastic cover or overlap can be optimally maintained at the ideal working height of 2/3 metre. As a result, your roughage store is perfectly protected against storm damage and sealed against oxygen penetration. All in all, this system ensures rapid and ideal conservation of your roughage, resulting in perfect silage analysis, so that the analysed values are actually fed in practice to your valuable dairy cattle!

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