Silage bunker customisation & specials

Kornet Beton produces customised silo bunkers, offering your numerous possibilities. The dimensions in terms of width and length are flexible, but it is also possible to adjust the (position of the) rear wall, the sloping points on the walls and the width of a double wall, to meet your wishes. A Kornet Beton silage bunker always matches your feed rate, so you always have access to the perfect silage bunker.

The silage bunker elements are available from stock. The standard available heights are:

  • 2.00 metres
  • 2.44 metres
  • 3.00 metres

Whereas once installed the height of other systems cannot be raised, the silage bunkers from Kornet Beton do offer you this possibility. If your farm expands in the future, Kornet Beton can easily adjust the height or length of your silage bunker. Increasing the height is a relatively cheap solution, since it does not require the installation of a new floor. In other words, a height increase leads to cheaper cubic metres of storage, and you only have to invest when you are ready. A silage bunker from Kornet Beton will grow with your business.

Our strength lies in our ability to meet the special wishes and needs of our customers! Do you have specific ideas or wishes for your silage bunker? Please feel free to contact us. We will put your idea into practice.

Silage bunker on piles

Sleufsilo   Sleufsilo
Sleufsilo   Sleufsilo